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Yoga in Torbay


Group & 
1:1 Sessions

Saskia facilitates gentle mindful progressive Yoga classes to suit every body.  Her Yoga classes include slow flow vinyasa flow, breath work and yoga for seniors.  Each class is carefully and intelligently created to keep students safe and create well being in body, mind and spirit.

Private Yoga Classes

Each one to one class is created to support your body and mind. Whether you are new to yoga, recovering from illness or injury, I am able to support and guide you on your journey.

Gentle and Beginners Yoga 

Connect to your body and relax your mind as you move through slow, restorative and gentle yoga to support you on your journey to wellness.  Each class is created to honour where your body is at and guide you to deepen your practice.

Weekly Classes

Suitable for everybody


Start your day with a gentle yoga class. Slow down, relax your body and feel anything that might be holding being released. Create a sense of peace by holding the asanas, deepen the breath and feel what your body needs for the day ahead.

Yoga asanas create flexibility and strength in the muscles, joints, spine and whole body. The asanas also have a positive effect on the organs, glands, nervoussysten and immune system, which all contributes towards more health and wellness.

Through breath awareness you experience a deeper sense of inner peace. Yoga also contributes to better concentration, emotional balance vitality, contentment and the sense of feeling grounded. On a deeper level the asanas create a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you.

* Alle levels | Gentle & Relaxed

Every Thursday 9.15am via live Zoom


Connect the breath with movements. Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic style of yoga. It is a powerful way to move your body to purify your physical body and clear your mind.This class is supporting you to build physical strength and to prepare your body for more stronger asanas.

In Vinyasa you flow from posture to posture throughout the class and finish with a deep relaxation at the end.

* All levels, intermediate  | Power & Energetic

Every Monday 7.30pm via Zoom and in person at the Yoga Roots studio in Torbay

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